Learn about Search Engines and SEO

By the Fancy Comma, LLC Team

There is a lot out there about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its seemingly magical ability in making your webpage stand out from the rest on Google.  However, people new to blog or web writing may not know what SEO is or even how search engines work.

Learn about #SEO and search engines in a three-part blog post series from @fancycomma. #writing #fancycomma #marketing #digitalmarketing #amwriting #amediting

Do you know how Google works?

We have all used Google at some point in our lives. But do you know how it actually works?

Anyone can gain proficiency in SEO just by learning about how Google works.

That’s why we’ve put together this three-part guide to help you navigate the murky waters of SEO.

Search Engines and SEO: A Three-Part Guide from Fancy Comma, LLC

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

We hope you will find this series both informative and easy to read.  (You may also notice that we have sought to optimize the SEO of this blog post series by following our own advice.)

Happy writing!

Our Approach to SEO

Fancy Comma, LLC’s approach to SEO is to craft articles that can serve as authoritative sources on a given topic.  Our goal is to make blog posts informative, engaging, easy-to-read, and useful.  We do not engage in SEO ‘hacking’ to unethically — and counterproductively — boost page rankings.  We write blog posts for people, not robots.

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